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Provision Processing System Food Processing Software System
Clinets include : Sysco Foods ,ME | Murrays Chicken, NY | KJ Poultry NY | J&M California Meats, CA | Islamic Meat and Poultry, CA | Vin Lee Ron Pork, IN | Gold Medal Processing, NY | Kalyx Australia | Longhini Sausage, CT | Lipari's Sausage, NJ | J&G Foods , MA | North Coast Seafood, MA | Catsmo, NY | Dartagnan, NJ

Packaged and Custom Meat and Food Processing Software
Food Traceability Software - Food Process Traceability

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Quickbooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

The Provision Processing System is a Windows based order entry, shipping, bar code and scale integrated meat poultry and food processing software system with wireless real time data collection Quickbooks Integration and lot control.  PPS is the cost effective solution to the lot tracking and labeling challenges of today's meat processing plants. PPS utilizes SQL server technology and the latest networked and stand alone scale technologies to ensure the highest level of reliability as well as extremely rugged mobile bar code scanners.  Call for a live demo.

Meat Tracking and Carcass Tracking – Who got what and where did it come from
Material Issue – Who supplied the items for lots
Bar coded Shipping Automation – Wireless and PC options available
Carcass Tracking and Animal Procurement – Track Animals with RFID barcode and other technologies, with multiple payout levels and much more
Inventory Control – Inventory levels
Work Order Processing – Wireless barcode or paper systems available
Bill Of Lading - Print BOL's with each individual weight serial number and order information
Real Time Scale Data Collection via Ethernet – Network up to 128 scales
Multiple User Station Layouts
Auto and Manual Lot Numbering
Unlimited Label Formats – Unlimited label format designs
Transaction Storage – All data is stored in a security enabled SQL Server
Security - Security Levels
QuickBooks Integration – Realtime Quickbooks Integration. No file imports
Wash Down NEMA 4X Label Scale Units – Super Rugged Stainless Steel Wash Down Scale Units
Wireless Real Time Data Transfers
MS SQL Server Technology
Auto PLU Updating To Scale Units – Scales Receive Product Updates Real Time
Multiple Ship To Support
COOL Label Support – UCC EAN128 Labeling with Country of Origin Label Requirements
Document Scanning and Management – Tie Documents to Procurements, Sales PO's and more


Wireless Scale Data Collection

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