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Soft Indicator 3.78
Scale Software

Windows Based Weighing Virtual Scale Software Indicator Software
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This highly configurable Scale Data Collection System is designed to work with any streaming Bi-directional RS-232 indicator or balance. Each button can be configured with its own unique name and RS-232 output for external indicator control. Simple customizable prompts. Easy format set up allows each database entry to print to up to 2 different printers (label or document) with different customizable formats. Bar code data entry and printing. Log every transaction into Excel or MS Access formats. Call Now for a live demo of the new Soft Indicator 3.75. Demos available. Laboratory balance data collection and data acquisition software

Collecting Data and printing custom formats from scale indicators just moved into the 21st Century. This is the scale software that will change the way all scale software is designed.

Soft Indicator 3.75 is a scale indicator, networked data collection system and bar code label/document printing station all in one.
Print to multiple formats
Up to 8 Scales Simultaneous
Configurable Fields
No proprietary database
Use standard text editing tools for print design
Database sharing
Data Wedge Capability
Total Scale Indicator Control
Transaction Logging
Bar code label printing
Bar Code Scanner integration
Balance data logging software
Optional Ethernet Connectivity

Key assignments and Functions are easy with the soft indicator. Each key can communicate to a different COM port and each key can have a different output. Output is entered in the Key string as pictured to the right.

Configurability is the strength of the Soft Indicator. Here you see the great flexibility of the system. Selecting prompts allows the system to be configured for many different applications, from truck scales to shipping/receiving applications. Customization and private labeling is available. Scale dealers are welcome.

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