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Weighing Scale Systems
Progressive Scale and Software Solutions specializes in custom and packaged weighing scale systems. Scale manufacturers,
dealers and end users from all over the world use our systems in their day to day production

Innovative solutions to your scale and production bar code data collection needs. 
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You ARE at the right spot for scale and weighing systems. We DO systems. We support them. We do them RIGHT!

Highlited Weighing Systems

Pharmaceutical Scale and Balance System:
A division of Johnson and Johnson recently contacted Progressive to build a custom weighing system to track batching for a pharmaceutical application. Phase 1 has already been installed and we are working on phase 2. Phase 1 involves multiple scale batching by both weight and volume using an ultrasonic measuring sensor. The measuring sensor was used as a load cell alternative to reduce the need for placing load cells at the bottom of every tank. Weight was calculated using volume and density.

Food Processing Scale and Software System
A NJ area lamb processor needed a scale and software system to collect data at their lamb weighing stations. Progressive provided an SQL based system for both SKU recall and data collection as well as a bar code label printing. This lamb processing system has given the lamb processor the ability to go after new clients because of their new traceability , and label compliance abilities. See Provision Processing System

Truck Scale Software System.
H.Krevit manufaturing of North Haven CT, a manufacturer of bleaches and costics, contacted Progressive for a truck scale system capable of bar code scanner integration and controls, weight to gallon conversion, data collection and assure the right chemicals go in the right trucks. After instllation of the truck scale and controls were installed, Krevit saw a huge ROI. Now that the system is installed and running, the truck filling system saves as much as 1/2 hour per truck and is accurate to 2-3 gallons.

Caviar Processing System Canada,
A client contacted us in need of a Herring Fish Processing Software and Scale System. The time frame was very short, but Progressive came through. This processor pays workers by weight so the fish system needed to collect each weight as well as employee ID's. The system involved 3 networked scales and an SQL database. The main benefits are time savings, accuracy of data and integrated Crystal Reports.

Scale Calibration System
Aa freeware softtware for scale companie,. It is called X-Calibar and it is a scale calibration software system. Designed to be a little more simple than say the certificate retrieval systems on the market. This software should work for most small to mid scale companies. And if you are in the market for custom projects, maybe next time you will give us a shot.

Autom ated Bar Code VerifierAutomated Bar Code Scanning Validation. United States Surgical - May 2007. In order to make sure every suture is bar coded properly, United States Surgical Corporatin called in Progressive Software Solutions. At 1/5th the cost of the nearest competitor, Progressive built an automated bar code scanning system. Using 2 Symbol bar code scanners, 1 photo eye and a logic controller, the system validates 2 bar codes against each other and rejects any invalid scans

Counting and Labeling Counting Scale SystemCounting and Labeling Scale System - The worlds largest switch manufacturer contaced PSS to see i f we could develop a networked counting scale that print bar code labels to replace their pricey Intermec fixed station terminals. PSS got to work and developed a system that allows the client to connect to scales in Mexico, TX, CT, England and China all from an IT desktop at HQ. Scales can be programmed and monitored remotely all from the comfort of the IT directors office.

In Motion Check Weighing - Washington. A reseller contacted us asking if we could duplicate a program for a Rice Lake 920i that they had been buying elsewhere. PSS took the challenge and built the system. To the clients amazement, the system is far more accurate than the previous system making it easy for the reseller to beat out its competition. In some cases, the reseller is installing the in motion check weigher on competitive set ups that use the same scale indicator. Clients are thrilled with the accuracy increase.

Barcode ScannerCross Dock Barcode System -Waterbury, CT ITW, one of the largest manufacturing companies in the US asked PSS to build them a cross dock wireless bar code system. The system uses Intermec wireless units to verify skidded boxes against an AS-400 database. As a result of scanning, master labels are produced for skids. To the clients amazement, the bar code system found errors on the first day of operatoion


Automated Box Weight Filling SystemAutomated Box Weight Filling System - Greenville , SC . A local scale dealer called in Progressive to pick up a project that the scale manufacturer did not complete to the clients satisfaction.Each box was filling to nearly 1/2 lb over target on every box. A loss of nearly $ 300/hr After consulting with the customer, Progressive devised a new program that would auto learn the product fill rate. Progressive completed the project within 3 days time and now fills exactly to target with 0 loss. Process includes automated box placement, automated filling, and automated box removal.

UAS400 label scaleUAS4000 Labeling Counting Scale -A fully functional Rice Lake 920i based counting scale package capable of partnumber, UW an d 5 additional fields storage. Unlimited label designs that you create. PC Integration. Bar Code Scanner Integration. Network integration and more. The UAS4000 far exceeds any couning scale system on the market today and implements all the functions that clients have been looking for in their counting scales but were up until now unable to acquire, and its American made. Over 35 0f these programs are currently running without fail in multiple facilities. Demos are available for this product

Scale SoftwareSoft Indicator
- In response to many of the scale distributors we work with we designed a PC based indicator package that works with most scale indicators that have bi-directional RS-232. The soft indicator collects data, prints labels, prints forms, controls the scale and more. Demos are availabel for this product.

Automated Counting Scale SystemAS400 to Counting Scale - June 2006. Through a scale distributor in the Northeast, PSS was able to assist in the winning of a contract for a beta site of 4 Rice Lake 920i programmable scales attached to their AS-400. Each scale pulls in job and average piece weight data, customer data and label format data. The system then controls a feeder and stops the feeder when a box is full. The system then prints a label and logs this info and sends the complete job info back to the AS-400 when complete.


Bale label and weighing SystemFiber Bale Weighing and Labeling System
United Synthetics - Georgia

United needed a partner to help them track bales produced for a particular PO and prevent over producing. United has 3 networked 920i scales tied to an SQL2005 server. Order data is entered daily and operators make against open orders. The system also labels each bale to comply with the customer labeling rewuirements. the system handles partials, and overrides for stock items.

New Enterprise Website Launch - June 2006. Haydon Switch and Instrument ( is a world wide leader in linear actuators, motors and switches. The people at PSS were hired to update their corporate web site to include functionality that their engineers needed. The new sitenow includes:
Intuitive Design • Outlook Like Menu Structure • Search • Product Configurators • Database Driven Content • RSS Newsfeeds • Rep Locators • Printable Pages • Email To a Friend • RFQ Forms with Referring Pages • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Google Marketing

Food Labelling Application - June 2006. A Northeast based scale company asked us to design a labeling system for a chicken processing plant it had been doing business with for years. The current system from Digi (New Brunswick International) was not being supported properly. Therefore we set out to develop a chicken labeling system that was similar yet easier to maintain. The new system utilizes a Rice Lake 920i and a Zebra label printer to print pricing labels for the processors grocery store clients. We had 2 days to develop this system and it has been operational ever since.

Corn Flake Batching - Apr 2006. A Massachusettes based scale company asked us to build a scale system for its client that spoke to a PC and pulled job datafrom an Access database and filled totes accordingly then printed a tote label. The 2 systems are currently running without issue

Large Scale Batching Application - APR 2006 A North Texas Scale Company hired us to help sell a client on a new way of doing things as their old equipment was no longer supportable. We closed the deal together and delivered shortly thereafter. This system replaced 13 scale indicators and 1 programmable scale at the largest PVC pipe extruder in the US. The new Rice Lake 920i system now controls 16 scales and esentially the entire 24hr operation. The system processes approximately 150 batches per day and has not once failed.

RF Bar Code System - A McKinney Texas based manufacturer hired us to update their entire data collection system. After carefully researching the proper hardware and solution we gave a quotation to the manufacturer. Time passed and 1 day the phone rang and it had to be done this week. We quickly did an Intermec site survey one day and installed the next. Within 2 days their system was up and operational

Counting Scale Software System - May 2006 a NJ based scale manufacturer hired us to build a PC software solution to work with their counting scales. This solution is now distributed with every scale sold. This solution was originally to be only a data collection application but was finally delivered with multiple functionality such as
Label Printing • Database Sharing • Data Wedge ( where scale data goes into the cursor for any other windows applicaiton)

PC integration
Bar Code Label Printing
Scale Networks
SQL Server, MYSql, Oracle, AS-400 integration
Integration with quickbooks and many other AP packages
Support : Live , Online, Onsite
Visual Studio programming (VB, C, Java)
Web Integration
Rice Lake 920i and other "i" products programming
Fairbanks FB3000 Programming
Other Hardware Integration
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